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Individually made to suit customers requirements

Booth Insulated Concrete Flooring

In 1996 booth precast installed a precast flooring plant to meet the growing need for concrete flooring in the midlands.

The many benefits of concrete flooring has been well documented over the years

  • Insulated high density concrete flooring panel reducing heat loss
  • Manufactured using up to 50Kn concrete.
  • Individually made to suit customers requirements.
  • Increases structural strength to all concrete buildings.
  • Excellent sound proofing properties.
  • Can save lives in the case of fire.
  • Better value than conventional timber flooring.
  • Suitable for underground heating.
  • Can support concrete block partition walls.
  • 150 meters of flooring can be laid in just 4 hours.
  • Pockets can be pre-made in flooring for ducts, pipes and laundry shoots, etc.
  • Structural calculations available for every project.
  • Concrete lasts longer than timber frames
  • Suitable fore every style of concrete build structure, houses, apartments, offices and industrial buildings.

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