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Individually made to suit customers requirements

Booth Insulated Concrete Flooring

In 1996 booth precast installed a precast flooring plant to meet the growing need for concrete flooring in the midlands.

The many benefits of concrete flooring has been well documented over the years

1.Insulated high density concrete flooring panel reducing heat loss

2.Manufactured using up to 50Kn concrete.

3.Individually made to suit customers requirements.

4.Increases structural strength to all concrete buildings.

5.Excellent sound proofing properties.

6.Can save lives in the case of fire.

7.Better value than conventional timber flooring.

8.Suitable for underground heating.

9.Can support concrete block partition walls.

10.150 meters of flooring can be laid in just 4 hours.

11.Pockets can be pre-made in flooring for ducts, pipes and laundry shoots, etc.

12.Structural calculations available for every project.

13.Concrete lasts longer than timber frames

14.Suitable fore every style of concrete build structure, houses, apartments, offices and industrial buildings.

15.Top quality service to customer.

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