Slig – For Cow Roads

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  • Face Slig – Straight off the face as it can have lumps up to 12″ in it depending how soft or hard it is at the place we are working.   Mainly used to construct a new road.


  • Crushed Slig – This is face slig run through a crusher and is approximately 3″ down in size.   Mainly used to construct a new road.


  • Double Crushed Slig – This is run through a second crusher and is 1″ & 1/2 down.  Mainly used as a 3rd layer to make it easier on cows feet.


  • 6mm Down Limestone Topping  – This should be recommended to everyone as an option to avoid lame cows.  Optimum finish to be sure of a roadway that’s easy on cows feet.