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We supply one of the most comprehensive range of department approved slats in Ireland

Booth Cattle Slats

Booth Concrete offer a huge array of department approved cattle slats with lengths up 16 feet, 6 inches (5.25m)

Our Cattle Slats offer the following advantages

•High strength concrete for greater durability

•High quality finish giving smooth tapered sides and level non-slip surface for greater cattle comfort

•Long reach crane and forklift available for easier and safer placement

•Heavy duty cattle stairs also available

•Manufactured up to IS 249:1993

•IS, EN, ISO: 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems

Booth ConcreteProducts produce their products for the agricultural market using high strength concrete for durability purposes.

Cattle slats have a high quality finish giving smooth tapered sides and non slip surface for greater cattle comfort.

Cattle Slat Availability & Dimensions

Other Products such as Scrapper Slats, Offset Manholes and Beams can be made to order

Gang Slats are 49 ½” Wide, Passage Slabs are 48” Wide

*Passage Slabs generally require a screed

    7 Rib Gang

    7 Rib Gang

    Rib Width: 5 ½ inches

    Depth: 7 ½ inches

    Gang Width: 49 ½ inches

    Manhole Units

    Manhole Units

    Depth: 7 ¼ – 10 inches

    Width: 49 ½ inches

      Manhole Mixing Slat

      Manhole Mixing Slat

        Galvanised Inserts

        Galvanised Inserts

          Gable End Beam

          Gable End Beam

          Facilitates the building of the gable wall without

          covering the slat or manhole unit, as specified

          for grant approval in Republic of Ireland

          Diagonal Scraper Slats

          Diagonal Scraper Slats

          12’6″, a set covers 9’3″;

          11’6″, a set covers 9’5″;

          10’6″, a set covers 9’7″

          Also Available: Feed Passage Slabs,

          Support Beams, Diagonal Channel Slats

            EasyFix Slat Rubber

            EasyFix Slat Rubber

            Revolutionary new snap-on rubber covering for slats
            Suitable for new or used slats.
            100% natural rubber ensuring EasyFix™ will not expand or lose it’s shape.
            The black rubber material is tough and long lasting.
            Unique patented profile greatly enhances drainage from slatted floor.

            For further information on EasyFix Slat Rubber
            please follow the link here